Posted by: chronicler55 | July 17, 2008


Welcome to the Conservative Chronicle. No matter who is elected president in 2008 we can be sure that person will not be a conservative. Therefore, I am offerring a site for conservatives to vent their frustrations (obeying all laws and terms of usage).

Odd news about Democrats–More than 500 Democrats in Tennessee have legally taken the middle name “Hussein” in a show of support for Barack Hussein Obama. This action was in response to the Republican Party in Tennessee referring to Barack Obama as Barack Hussein Obama.

Several Democratic parents of newborns had also bestowed the middle name Hussein on their infants.  

Barack Obama–win or lose–is likely to be remembered in history as Barack Obama. The person most likely to be remembered (in the West) with the name Hussein– is Saddam.  And he was a murderous tyrant, who was responsible for the deaths of hundred of thousands, used poison gas on people in his own country, and allowed his sons to perpetrate horrors on the women of Iraq. There was a good reason why the Iraqi people executed this guy.

Hoping that the fascination with adopting this name is short lived,


My thanks to Word Press for the blog forum provided. I was working with another company which took my payment for a site and then suddenly stopped offering blogs. Imagine my surprise.

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