Posted by: chronicler55 | July 17, 2008

Tony Snow-A True Patriot

In Memoriam Tony Snow 1955-2008 

I want to acknowledge the loss of a true American patriot, a talented and brilliant writer and commentator, and the most able White House press spokesman to have graced the podium. Tony Snow passed away Saturday morning at 2 am after fighting colon cancer for several years. 

I first became a fan of Tony Snow when he hosted Fox News Sunday. His interviews were unique and informative. His command of the facts impressive, and his dedication to conservative principles and love of country obvious. His ending comments were always eloquent and frequently profound. I was upset when he left for radio, because I loved him on Fox News Sunday. Later I was very sorry to hear about his cancer diagnosis in 2005.


When Tony suceeded in driving the cancer into remission, and then was able to accept the job as White House spokesman, I was thrilled. He was absolutely brilliant in this position, it seemed to be the job he was born to do. He was able to be able to disarm the press core, while still putting forth the best presentation of the President’s policies. He understood and respected the members of the press, and still articulated the President’s positions skillfully. Tony obviously loved the verbal jousting, and never lost his temper no matter the provocation. 

The disease, however, returned, and deprived his wife and children, his many admirers, his commander-in-chief and his country of his presence and many talents. 

His funeral was held today, and President Bush was among the speakers. The President said of Tony Snow, “He was a proud patriot who believed in America’s goodness, and an optimist who knew America’s possibilities. He believed strongly in the wisdom of the American people. And throughout his career, he took a special pride in being a vigorous and unapologetic defender of our men and women in uniform. He supported their missions, saw honor in their achievements, and found every possible opportunity to highlight their character and courage.”

A higher accolade for an American, I cannot imagine. 


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