Posted by: chronicler55 | July 22, 2008

Newsweek’s repeating Obama covers

Newsweek Magazine has been trending more and more liberal and more and more obsessed with Barack Obama as the days pass. As Newsweek would arrive in the mail I begain to say, “Hey, guess who is on the cover?”

As it turns out, The Weekly Standard has also been amazed by the continual appearance of the Democratic candidate on Newsweek’s covers.

The Weekly Standard’s Scrapbook on the topic

Engineers, in the aerospace industry and elsewhere, calculate something called the “mean time between failures.” THE SCRAPBOOK has made an analogous calculation-what we term the Mean Time Between Newsweek Obama Covers (MTBNOC). We can reveal here the results of our preliminary investigations, which show that the MTBNOC is falling at an alarming rate.

In mid-October, by our back-of-the-envelope extrapolation, every issue of Newsweek will feature His Self-Importance on the cover. Shortly thereafter, if our calculations are correct, the magazine will be forced to appear more frequently-twice a week, at first, and as a rebranded Newsdaily by early November, in order to accomodate the increasingly frequent need of editors to showcase Barack-the-Transcendent on their cover.

I have to admit this is very funny. His Self Importance? Barack the Transcendent? Visit the Weekly Standard via the link above.


  1. I coined a new phrase.
    Obamunism. Obama’s political ideology.
    Obamunists. His vapid followers.

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