Posted by: chronicler55 | July 22, 2008

Upcoming rationing with Obama’s healthplan

The Democrat party has this ongoing mantra about the 47 million people who need healthcare.  This is a bogus number all together, because they count as uninsured anyone who was without insurance for as much as a day in the year. For example, Harry leaves job A and takes a week off before he starts job B. Harry lets his insurance lapse for the week. According to the Dems then, Harry joins the rank of the 47 million, even if job B is currently paying him 100k and full benefits.

Dick Morris, however, breaks the numbers down further. He claims that one in four of the uninsured are illegal aliens.

That 47 million statistic includes illegal immigrants, who virtually all lack insurance. In fact, about one in four of those lacking insurance is here illegally.   

About 15 million of the remaining uninsured are eligible for Medicaid but haven’t signed up, mainly because they haven’t gotten sick. When they do, they enroll in Medicaid and we pick up the full tab for their health care relatively cheaply.

The rest of the uninsured pool? Virtually all the children are eligible for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. Some aren’t enrolled because the parents haven’t bothered, but most are eligible. That leaves about 20 million uninsured adults who are US citizens or legal immigrants. There are far better ways to handle their needs than to turn our entire health-care system upside down. 

Dick Morris: Obama wants to give Healthcare to Illegals

 Morris points out that illegals get emergency care now:

But now they’d be eligible for the entire range of medical services, all free of charge. That would trigger severe rationing: bureaucrats deciding who gets to see an oncologist, who can have an MRI – and even who can have bypass surgery and who’d die for lack of it.

These decisions would be made not on the basis of legal status but on the brutal facts of triage: Treat the 37-year-old illegal with his whole life to live before you spend scarce resources on an overweight, diabetic, 80-year-old citizen with high blood pressure who smokes.

The CDC earlier released the process of triage for immunizations in case of avian flu. Anyone who is elderly and who has a chronic disease was out of luck.  Canada and Britain both have universal healthcare, and both countries have long waiting lists and rationing. These facts are easy to verify. Many Canadians come to the U.S.A for life giving surgery because they feel that they might die waiting for the process in Canada. If we socialize our system, where will these people go? Where will our elderly and those with chronic diseases go?


  1. Figures the big “Dick” Morris…credibility has always been his problem. There’s no competition in health care just monopolies raking Americans over the coals…the system is clearly broken and come November with growing majorities in both houses and Obama, we may finally get universal health care and that’s good.

  2. I agree that there needs to be more competition in the health care industry. The lack of it has been one of the primary reasons for the high prices for everything.

    However, rationing becomes frightening, and it won’t be the majorities in Congress that go without.

    Lord of the Rings avatar. I like it.

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