Posted by: chronicler55 | August 6, 2008

Bush in Seoul, Media missing

George W. Bush landed in South Korea and nobody noticed.

No, wait, make that, none of the U.S. press corps noticed. They were too busy enthusing over Barack Obama.  As it happens, a very large crowd of South Koreans showed up to celebrate the U. S.-S. Korean alliance, by welcoming our current president.  It turns out that we still actually have one.

The MSM allowed that there were some protesters when Bush landed, and there were a couple hundred of them.

However, they were vastly outnumbered by a crowd estimated at upwards of 15,000 who cheered the president’s arrival.  As intersting as the pro-Bush rally is, it is equally interesting that the only coverage of this occurrence  has been on the cvative blogs. There has been no coverage of these pro-U.S. throngs. Amy Proctor reported from Korea on the huge Christan and conservative rally. Her coverage was picked up by Gateway Pundit and then others. 

Gateway Pundit 




Amy Proctor

One question: What were all of our MSM anchors doing?

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