Posted by: chronicler55 | August 8, 2008

Russia invades Georgia over Ossetia-1000 dead

Ossetia is a province of (formerly Soviet) Georgia, which wishes to be independent of Georgia. Georgia recently became independent of the Soviet Union after the break up of that communist state. The Georgian army entered Ossetia to reestablish their authority over the provice.

Russia suddenly invaded Georgia in sympathy with the Ossetians, claiming that they had to protect the Russian people who were living in Ossetia. This area (see map) is the pathway by which Russian oil reaches the Black Sea.

NYT map

NYT map

Reports coming out of the region suggest as many as 1000 have been killed already. Georgia had requested to become a member of NATO earlier this year. There are over 100 American troops in Georgia in an advisory capacity presently.

Bush at the Olympics, urges restraint and caution. Vladamir Putin is also at the games, but it is not known whether the two men have discussed the invasion face to face.

Hugh Hewitt at Townhall quips, “Better inflate those tires asap.”

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