Posted by: chronicler55 | August 9, 2008

Russia hasn’t changed all that much after all

A state of war now exists between Russia and Georgia.  All involved parties, Russia, Georgia, and Ossetia, were part of the former Soviet Union.  Since the break up of that state, the Republic of Georgia has made great strides towards democracy, has requested to be a member of NATO, has been an ally of the United States in the War on Terror, and has sent troops to Iraq as part of the Coalition. Ossetia, while within the borders of Georgia is peopled mainly by ethnic Russians, most of whom have Russian citizenship.  When Georgia attempted to establish control over Ossetia, Russia invaded, claiming that they were defending other Russians.

Geographical transference might render the problem: Legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico move into California. Part of California decides to break away from the United States and join Mexico. Mexico acknowleges the citizenship of the hispanic Californians. The United States moves in to prevent the succession of California. Mexico invades in order to rescue other “Mexican citizens.”  However, while the United States would be in little danger of annihilation, Georgia is no match for the military might of Russia. 

Georgia has appealled to the United States for help in moving their troops from Iraq to their home country so that they can fight the invading Russians. They are also appealing to us for assistance against the invasion by the huge Russian military.

Putin who has said that the greatest tragedy in history was the break-up of the Soviet Union, has said that Russia is completely justified in invading Georgia and bombing cities and military installations.  Not surprisingly, his puppet president agrees. Perhaps Russia has decided to rebuild the Soviet Union once again.

The United States is allied with Georgia, even though Georgia was not accepted into NATO this year. If Georgia had been, we would be required to intervene on behalf of Georgia.  U. S. forces have been stationed in Georgia in order to train Georgian troops. Perhaps a Navy carrier group might soon find itself headed in that direction.

Let us hope Condi Rice has kept her Russian expertise honed, because here we go again.


  1. Before accusing Russia and taking everything CNN says as the ultimate truth, do your own research. Osetia, for a long time wanted to be part of the Russian Federation. Russia, for many years has denied them their plea. On August 8, it was Georgia that slaughtered 1400 innocent people. Russia was forced to respond based on the documents signed a decade ago. They state that if Georgia is to attack Ossetia, or Abkhazia, Russia will have to use force to prevent war in the region.

    Unfortunately, the American Propaganda Machine is very strong. Instead of giving both sides of the story, America choses to give air-time to Saakashvili, and deny it to the Russians. Why? What are they afraid off? Why doesn’t CNN show Ossetian women thanking Russian soldiers for protecting their families. Why doesn’t New York Times talk about the genocide committed against the Ossetian people? And the big question, why isn’t the America public informed of their government surrounding Russia with military bases?

    Than again, it is much easier to accuse Russia, than to search for truth. Russia has always been the “bad guy.” And to change that image in your mind would be impossible.

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