Posted by: chronicler55 | September 6, 2008

Sarah Palin- a breath of fresh air from Alaska

I was as surprised as anyone when John McCain announced his pick for vice-president. And then I heard her speak! Lo and behold, common sense eloquently spoken.  The most popular governor in America, and she is conservative,  a lady and a star!

She was the mayor of a small town in Alaska; has an 80% approval rating as governor; has a son who has enlisted in the Army and will be deploying to Iraq in September.  She is the mother of 5, including her army son, three girls and a four month old son with Downs Syndrome.  She is only 44 years old.

Her daughters are Bristol 17, Willow 15, and Piper 6.  Bristol and her fiance Levi are expecting a baby in January, a fact that caused a tidal wave of news coverage when it became known last weekend.

The mainstream media and leftwing blogs have gone stark raving mad over the subject of Sarah Palin. You would think she gets up every morning and after insulting all people of color, eats a few Aboriginal babies for breakfast. And these accusations of racism come in spite of the fact that her husband has native Alaskan blood in him.

I have seen the left wing do some horrible things to people such as the way they have slandered the president over the past years; George Allen was subject to a dreadful smear campaign by Webb operatives when he ran for re-election to the Senate; but I have never seen anything like what is being done to Sarah Palin and her family.

You would think these people would be ashamed of themselves, but they have no shame whatsoever. Therefore they need to be fought in the press, on the blogs, on television, radio and every other medium.


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