Posted by: chronicler55 | September 18, 2008

Son of Tenn democrat the hacker?

Sarah Palin is driving the moonbats absolutely, well batty.  However, now some of them may have gone too far. Sarah Palin’s person email was hacked. The means exist to trace the person who did this, and the FBI and Secret Service as well as Alaskan authorities are involved in seeing who it was that took private pictures, private phone numbers, and private communications and released them on far left blogs.

Guess who’s name came up first in the hunt for the guilty party? The email used by the 20 year old son of a Memphis Tennessee democrat.

The Gateway Pundit has broken the identity of hacker. He quotes someone from Michelle Malkin’s thread.

AkGoldRush over at unearthed who rubico is in this thread…rubico10. is David Kernell, the 20 year old son of democratic state senator Mike Kernell of Memphis, Tennessee. The password he chose for Palin’s email was popcorn. Get it?  Popcorn? Kernell? How very clever of him…

 All of David Kernell’s on-line accounts are quickly disapearing from the web, including  U-Tube, My Space, etc. Will the politician’s hacker son end up in jail? This should be interesting.

Also, interesting was his plaintive complaint that he couldn’t find anything incriminating in her mail pertaining to tazer-troopergate or any other matter.  Imagine, the hacker’s off to jail without any political scandal to show for it.

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