Posted by: chronicler55 | September 22, 2008

American People See Through Slanted AP Poll

Several reporters from the Associated Press released a seriously skewed poll suggesting that white people have negative views toward blacks and therefore, if Obama loses the election it will be because of white racism.  The poll was taken by saying several words, “Lazy, Violent, Complaining, Hard-Working,” etc. The people asked white Republicans, Independents and Democrats whether these words applied to “black people.” Black people were left out of the poll and not asked anything. (AP doesn’t value black people’s opinion, I guess.)

Anyway, AP’s analysis suggests that white racism among white independents and democrats will be responsible if Obama loses the election. The fact that his voting record is farther left than the Socialist guy in the Senate– not so important. This obvious attempt to make democrats and independents feel guilty about NOT voting for Obama has resulted in thousands of emails to morning shows from the electorate, who seems to have had about enough of this race bating from the left.

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