Posted by: chronicler55 | September 30, 2008

Newsweek again talks about “black anger” if Obama loses

Where is the article on the threat of John McCain’s supporters rioting if he loses?  I guess Republicans are supposed to be responsible enough not to do that.  With ACORN engaging in vast voter fraud in multiple states, and threats of violence if he loses, not to mention the MSM covering up his past, he seems to be on his way to winning.

Newsweek says

People that I know that have never cared about politics are regisering to  vote this time: gang members, ex-cons, you name it…One caller wanted to know how he could vote if he didn’t have a permanent address. [See ACORN and fill out multiple registration cards? ed] … Several black talk show hosts have started advising listeners with police records to double-check state laws to see if they are eligible to vote.

If we get him in, how do we get him out without his thugs tossing us in a gulag someplace?


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