Posted by: chronicler55 | October 1, 2008

Large Scale Voter Fraud taking place in Ohio

The Obama campaign has pushed through the idea that for one week in Ohio voters could register to vote and vote in the very same day. Of course this does not allow officials to check and see if the voter is eligible to vote in Ohio, and is not: a non-citizen, a citizen of a different state, a felon, a minor, or has no verifiable address.  And this is whole idea.

The Ohio Republican Party sued, and a state judge (Democrat obviously) allowed the vote to go on. The Federal courts INEXPLICABLY refused to take this case. The Supreme Court should take it. Nevertheless, today the voting started.

Busloads of students from the University were bussed by the Obama campaign to the polls lead by rock bands, or some such. Homeless people were scooped up off the street and delivered to the polls. Bars were cleared out and driven to the voting booth.

The results in Ohio have already been completely compromised. 34 days from the election and we already can’t trust the results. That has to be a record.

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