Posted by: chronicler55 | October 14, 2008

Why Conservatives Fear an Obama Presidency

A brilliant article was written by Brian Goetti of Conservative Edge. His article is titled “Why Conservatives Fear an Obama Presidency.”  It is extremely well written. Below are higlights. The entire article can be found:Conservative Edge

 First, Obama has developed a cult of personality. Obama appears to be a megalomaniac.  No good ever came from a megalomaniac in power.Ask yourself, why would Obama want to form his own 250,000 person national security force with strength equal to the military? A humble, man of the people would be appalled by the adoration that Obama is being showered with, and discourage it, not revel in it.  But not The One who we have been blessed with by God at this time, as Pelosi said.  Not by a messiah as Louis Farrakhan said. Not by The One who has the power to make the oceans recede and “heal the planet” as Obama himself said.

Second, Obama has been a force against free speech. Obama also firmly supports the “Fairness Doctrine”, that would likely force conservative talk radio off the air. 

Third, Obama fully supports efforts to rig and falsify elections. Obama has a close working relationship with ACORN and Chicago politicians.

Fourth, Obama will have the power to appoint all federal prosecutors and all federal judges.No one could stand in his way, except a Congress that appears to be compliant with his wishes.

Fifth, Obama plans to unilaterally disarm America. He has said that many of our major national defense programs will be ended.

Sixth, Obama has ties to radicals all over the globe. From his cousin Raila Odinga who massacred Christians, to Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, dictators love Obama.

Seventh, Obama has plans to socialize our economy, and even expresses ideas that are Marxist.
When Obama talks about “spreading the wealth around” he is speaking in Marxist terms. As well, Obama is allied with the illegal alien movement which is part of the radical worldwide communist movement. Obama’s campaign slogan is “Yes we can”. The chant of the illegal alien movement two years ago was “Si se puedo”, Spanish
for “Yes we can.”



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