Posted by: chronicler55 | October 18, 2008

GREAT Conservative List of Blogs

Conservatives of the World Unite! We are going to need to be working together moving forward.

Conservative Blog: Urban Conservative  has a terrific list of conservative blogs. WordPress will not allow me to post the widget for some reason, so I am posting the link. This site is a must see and must LINK for conservatives.

Best Conservative Blog List

Urban Conservative: Best Conservative Blog List


  1. This looks to be a time saving resource. Well done. This saves me hours of trying to Google these sites.

  2. I like your idea here. I am a newbie to WordPress, and would appreciate it if you would consider adding me ot your roll.

    Mike Minton

  3. Hey, I’m a 23 year old Conservative, Musical Theatre Acting student from Arizona. Weird, I know. I have been passionate about political writing for a while now, but I just recently started a blog at I’d love it if you would check it out and give me some feed back on my columns or follow the blog. Thanks!

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