Posted by: chronicler55 | October 23, 2008

MAOIST Buddy blogs for Obama

MAOIST and WEATHER UNDGERGROUND BUDDY BLOGS on Obama’s Web Site for “Social Justice”

 Gateway Pundit has proof positive of the radical relationship between Ayers, Obama, and Klonsky and puts the pictures up to prove it. Klosky is dedicated to bringing socialism/communism to the United States. It appears that with the collaboration of the MSM press, he has succeeded in getting the people of the United States to elect a Marxist president with a radical left majority in both houses.

Nevertheless, “social justice” is the more palatable term for Marxism. And the “Social Gospel” Obama and Reverend Jeremiah Wright speak of is another more acceptable euphemism for Marxist-Leninist doctrine that has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with Jesus or Jesus with it. It is unfortunate that our MSM has no intention of pointing any of this out to the American Public because they think it will be COOL to have a black guy in the White House.

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