Posted by: chronicler55 | November 4, 2008

VA Judge Rules that late military absentee ballots be preserved

The McCain-Palin ticket filed suit in the state of Virginia claiming that the absentee ballots mailed to military members were sent out too late to be returned by November 4th. The suit asks that military ballots be counted as long as they were mailed by November 4th. A judge has just ruled that these ballots need to be preserved until a hearing on November 14th. Should the election come down to the results of Virginia, and should Virginia be within 20, 000 ballots or so, results will wait until this hearing on the 14th.

My son’s ballot was slow getting to him, only arriving last week. There were weeks between his mailing his application for absentee ballot and its arrival, and my son is only on the West Coast. Ballots mailed from Virginia late destined for Iraq, Afghanistan, or the fleet in the Persian Gulf would never have reached Virginia by today.

If these ballots were not to be counted, we again have large scale disenfranchisement of the military. This must be changed so that our men and women and their spouses stationed overseas can have their votes counted in elections. After all, we ammended the Constitution so that our young soldiers could vote, I believe we should then count their vote.

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