Posted by: chronicler55 | November 5, 2008

Jumping from the frying pan into the fire

Change you can believe in while you burn.

Did you see the people marching outside the White House carrying the hammer and sickle? 

The main stream media in the country has succeeded in duping the American people into electing this leftist/socialist glib liar as President of this Republic by refusing to cover his history, his beliefs or his policies in depth. They went out of their way to discredit Obama’s opponents, whether they were a young successful governor from Alaska, or a poor plumber who simply asked a question. If we are attacked again, the MSM will be as responsible as Obama and his minions for the catastrophe.  The MSM had access to the truth about Obama and REFUSED to inform the American people.

Those Americans who voted for Obama are not without blame. The information was available if they wanted to hunt for it. They were all wrapped up in the joy of electing a black guy and being post racial and having Europe love us again. We are in for a very rough time which those who voted for Obama richly deserve, so I don’t feel sorry for them. Those of us who have been warning about the dangers in electing radicals do not deserve these trials, but have them forced on us. If the government seizes our 401 K we will remember what Obamanites cost us.

Now the press will talk about a Honeymoon with the Obama Presidency. I don’t know why the press thinks Obama is going to make an honest estate of them. The MSM has been wildly copulating with the Obama campaign the last two years.  They have lost any pretense of honesty or respect. The MSM has become Pravda.

“Gird your Loins Conservatives”  an excellent post from Michelle Malkin on how to conduct ourselves on the first day after the Cataclysm.

What do we do now? We do what we’ve always done.

We stand up for our principles, as we always have — through Democrat administrations and Republican administrations, in bear markets or bull markets, in peacetime and wartime.

We lock and load our ideological ammunition.

We fight.

Yes. We fight.


  1. Either with hope in our hearts or without it, we will fight on.

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