Posted by: chronicler55 | November 5, 2008

The AP makes a joke

Surely with tongue in cheek, the Associated Press writer Beth Fouhy actually says McCain’s best work has been done in bipartisan cooperation with the democrat party. Especially, she says McCain-Feingold and Immigration reform.

Riiiiiight. You mean the McCain-Feingold law that left McCain with 84 million to spend while Obama who broke his word on federal financing had hundreds of millions to spend? The McCain-Feingold that insured he couldn’t begin to answer the staffing and advertising of Obama who was taking in millions of dollars from small donors both American and foreign? That McCain-Feingold?

You mean the Kennedy-McCain comprehensive Immigration reform that offers amnesty to all the Latino voters who voted for Obama?  The reform that would allow 12-15 million illegal immigrants to vote democrat because they want citizenship and free health care?

AP thinks those were his best work.  Very funny, Ms Phooey. You should go into stand up.

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