Posted by: chronicler55 | December 6, 2008

Obama has a Shakespearean transition

I have been intrigued by watching Obama morph into Shakespeare’s Prince Hal. At the end of Henry IV Part II, the Prince becomes King. He suddenly rejects all the ne’er do wells and riff – raff, such as Falstaff and other drinking buddies with whom he had been carousing. Prince Hall throws them under the bus – or horses and wagon in the Prince’s case. It is a stunningly dramatic moment.

As I have pointed out repeatedly in this blog, and has been documented by many others even more thoroughly, Obama has associated himself with a great many bad actors; beginning with his communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis, Jerimiah Wright, Raila Odinga of Kenya and others, a motley crew that should give anyone pause about Obama’s judgement in choosing associates. Yet, in naming his cabinet in the last couple of weeks he has chosen Clinton era professional politicians for Treasury and even kept Robert Gates at Defense.  Not a Falstaff in the bunch to date.

While it is amusing to see John Kerry snubbed and Hillary Clinton appointed to head the State Department, these appointments are certainly confusing.  Has Obama, in the manner of Prince Hal, begun to associate with grown-ups? Or will he eventually move back to the leftists who were his original base?

Like Shakespeare, this is very good theater. Whether or not Obama can entirely remake himself in order to provide good governance is another story.

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