Posted by: chronicler55 | December 30, 2008

Chicago Politics

Now the American public is getting an education in how politics in Chicago work. The main stream press did everything they could to avoid the subject before the election because they were afraid some voters might ask the question: If Obama came out of that environment, how could he avoid being compromised by it? How indeed.

As a Republican who was raised in Cook County, the answer, quite simply, is that he couldn’t. Anyone rising to the top of the democratic political machine in Illinois rose because he played the game better than others, not proof that he didn’t play.

The American public rejected Obama’s many corupt associates as unimportant. I continue to believe they were in error. Blogojevich is just the latest in a long list of visibly flawed human beings who became rungs in Obama’s ladder to success. At some point, I hope the American public begin to pay attention. At least Blago has been so obvious, and Patrick Fitzgerald made it so newsworthy, that the press has to cover at least part of the story.

The Chicago paper did run as a headline Obama’s internal investigations shows no wrongdoing.  What did they expect Obama’s investigation to say?


  1. I got so frustrated by the beyond over-the-top media worship of Obama and their completely overlooking all his enormous flaws that I started a petition (I had to do something to keep myself sane). The petition demands that liberal and moderate Republicans (McCain being the worst) stop compromising Conservatism. I blame McCain type Republicans for the political mess the country is in now. Here’s the link:

    I think we Conservatives have had enough of RINOs. McCain refused to point out Obama’s problems and I think this Blago situation is only the beginning.

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