Posted by: chronicler55 | January 15, 2009

Graciousness Wasted

I have been extremely impressed by the graciousness, good manners, helpfulness and sincere goodwill that President Bush and Laura Bush have shown toward the Obamas during the transition.  Even tonight during his farewell address, Bush wished all the best to Obama, “Michelle and their two beautiful girls.” It certainly reflects well on President Bush, but is a great deal of wasted effort.

Don’t bother making nice The Democrat party and their Messiah do not want to be friends. They are not going to be nice to Bush, to Laura, to the Bush twins or any other Republican they come across. They will take and take and take as much as anyone will give them, laugh at the weakness shown, and refuse to compromise at all.  Obama was vicious to Bush during the entire campaign, he is what he is. We may have to endure him, but we do not have to help him ruin the republic.  And in fact we, on the right should not help in any way whatsoever. 

Stop giving away taxpayer money Republican names should not be signed to even one more socialist program.  The names that do show up on Obama programs should have a primary challenge on the right.

Shun Franken Republican lawmakers should never recognize Al Franken as a senator no matter what the result of the court decision in Minnesota. It is unfortunate that the governor was unable to prevent the Secretary of State, Franken and Soros from stealing the election.  Franken would be the poorest excuse for a senator since Caligula appointed a horse to the Roman Senate because there were so many “horses a$$es there already.” In fact, I am being unfair to the horse. This is a disgrace and Republican lawmakers should not make nice with the fool– on pain of being repudiated by their constituents at home.

Combat Soros Something needs to be done about George Soros. He is obviously ready to spend his billions to bring down the Republic and ruining every thing we hold dear. I think he needs to be prevented from doing so. He has been found guilty of a felony in France.  If the French can do it, why can’t we?  One 77 year old man, even with billions, should not be allowed to cause this much trouble.

Closed Primaries The Republican party must close its primaries so we don’t have democrat and independent voters choosing our candidates for us.

Corrupt Media Do all we can to aid the demise of the old mainstream media. Although as a someone who writes I admit some regret at seeing major newspapers go into bankrupcy, their own corruption and bias has made them irrelevant to any honest electoral process.  Obama went to the offices of the Washington Post today to thank his minions.  There were cheers, heart palpatations,  thrills up their legs… The sooner they lose any influence they have left, the better.

The Web Conservatives are beginning to take to web in order to combat the monopoly that the left seemed to have as far as fund and consciousness raising. This is a good thing, and should be brought into some form of organization, either by the new head of the Republican party or another group with wide conservative reach.

File law suits Conservative think tanks and their lawyers need to prepare to file law suits against a multitude of universities whose faculties include every diverse group except conservatives.   Young conservatives need to be in classes, drawing fire, and filing lawsuits.

The National Rifle Association is already prepared to file lawsuits on behalf of the Second Ammendment. They have perhaps a better grasp of what we are facing than many others.

Let us hope the new Republican chairman can take a firm hand in order to take immediate action on some of these issues.

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