Posted by: chronicler55 | January 16, 2009

The Miracle on the Hudson



Volumes have already been written about the incredible landing of a U.S. Airways jet in Hudson River yesterday.  The initial report reached me while on the way home from work, and was tuned into Fox News on XM Radio.  The images when viewed were astonishing.  The pilot had successfully landed the aircraft on the Hudson as if it were a runway, and all 155 passengers were alive, and being ferried from the wings of the plane to shore.

The pilot who pulled off this amazing feat is Chesley Sullenberger III, a former Air Force F-4 pilot and airline safety expert.  This individual, losing both jet engines to bird strikes about one minute into the flight determined that he could not safely reach either LaGuardia or New Jersey airports, and chose to land the plane on the Hudson River. He then told the passengers to brace for impact and landed, touching the tail end to the water first.  All 155 people aboard survived.  Also credited with heroic effort, co-pilot Jeffrey Skiles and the rest of the flight crew.

At a time when everything seemed fairly dismal, the heroism and expertise of the flight crew and the rapid and efficient deployment of rescue personnel in NYC are a reminder that on occasion God still “sheds His Grace” on the United States of America.

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