Posted by: chronicler55 | January 20, 2009

I know Lincoln, Lincoln was a friend of mine, and Barack– you are no Lincoln

Actually, I didn’t know Lincoln and I was ripping off Benson’s snippy comment to Dan Quayle.

I object to Barack Hussein Obama talking about sacrifice and patriotism as if he just discovered it. He may have come to it lately, but my family has been serving the United States for 30 years.  We have sacrificed for years in service to the nation, so I don’t need a Johnnie come lately to instruct me.  Obviously a great many of his followers need instruction in responsibility, but my family certainly does not.

Now Obama could have stood up and recited the phone book and the entire MSM will drool about how fantastic a speech he had just given. Even Britt Hume of Fox is buying into this. “There were a great many raging storms and gathering clouds,” opined one historian. “It was a surprisingly ordinary speech.” But shaved of it’s rhetorical flourishes he basically told everyone that we are going to have less money.

On the other hand Obama has been president for about 40 minutes and the Republic still stands and in one piece.

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