Posted by: chronicler55 | January 20, 2009

Racist Benediction

When White will embrace what is right?  Excuse me?

Video of Lowry giving a ridiculous benediction.


  1. I couldn’t believe this was said!!!! Are you kidding me!!! Doesn’t even deserve my time to be angry but I can’t help it. If this is a prelude of what to expect for thenext four years then sit back, buckle your seat-belt; let the white-bashing begin.

  2. It’s sad, I was home for lunch and this was the ONLY part of the Inauguration I caught. I immediately lost my appetite and turned off the TV. Completely disgusted.

  3. what are we going to do about it? Absolutely nothing. We aren’t going to do one thing about it. Oh, we will blog and gripe to our friends but when our way is blocked in the supermarket by the folks we are said to be “keeping down” we will sheepishly say “excuse me please.” and wait patiently for them to finish their conversations with each other before being allowed to pass.
    That is what we will do. That is why more is demanded of us everytime we turn around. That is why life is going to get pretty rough for those good Americans who value the Constitution of the United States. White people do not stick together like black folks do. That is why they can have BET, JET, EBONY, Black Miss USA, Benedict College, Black specific scholarships, affirmative action, holy crap, the list goes on and on! Just let a white man print a whites only magazine or have a whites only beauty pagent or say the things we heard today in the place and time in which we heard it. The crowd would have rioted. So I ask again…WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

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