Posted by: chronicler55 | January 30, 2009

Republicans Vote Solidly Against the Generational Theft Act

The new Chairman of the Republican National Committee tonight congratulated Representative Eric Cantor on the spectacular job of Minority Whip that was done to deliver a solid Republican Repudiation of this horrendous Democrat Pork Bill.

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor


Chairman Steele said that the vote against the Massive (Non) Stimulus bill was the best Whip job that he had ever seen. High praise for Cantor from Steele.

What do the rank and file conservatives think?

Michelle Malkin found an image that captures the feeling perfectly.


Michelle Malkin's rejoicing elephant

Michelle Malkin's rejoicing elephant

Click picture for Michell Malkin’s article on the Republican unanimous vote.


  1. Good thoughts. I wish the Senate Republicans could have been more unified.

    Would you consider reading and/or subscribing to my blog, or adding me to your blogroll? I am a WFB/Ronald Reagan conservative.


    Matthew T. Propes

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