Posted by: chronicler55 | February 15, 2009

Obama to spend a Trillion Dollars but not one Penny for Defense

In fact, he seeks to cut defense spending by 10% .  We are in a war on terror (of course by edict of the Messiah they no longer refer to it as “the war on terror) and have troops in harm’s way around the world. He is throwing away our children’s future by wasting a TRILLION dollars in this stimulus package and not one CENT of it goes for our defense.

I will accept the admission on the part of the Obamamaniacs that I was right about him all along, and that he does NOT have the security and prosperity of the United States at heart.  He is a radical socialist with an agenda that means us no good at all.


  1. You’re wrong he is not a radical socialist. he has not proposed cutting defense spending by 10%. There is no evidence that he does not have the security of the US as a top priority.

    Unfortunatley if you get all your news from Fox you won’t know that.

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