Posted by: chronicler55 | February 21, 2009

Netanyahu will lead Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Benyamin Netanyahu will be the new Prime Minister of Israel. His Likud Party won one less seat in Parliament than his major opponent and sitting Prime Minister Tzipi Livni.  However, Livni won 28 out of 120 seats while Netanyahu’s Likud Party and parties to the Right of Likud won 65 out of 120 seats.  Obviously the Israeli people have soundly rejected the current ruling party.

The current ruling party (Kadima) is a new party which was created by Ariel Sharon before he was felled by a stroke during his term as Prime Minister. Kadima has mishandled an invasion since then, and failed to stop the shelling of Israel from the Palestinian territories.

Netanyahu’s election may also be the Israeli reaction to Obama’s election. Israel now knows that if they are going to survive, it will be because they defend themselves, without looking to Washington for help.  Today, in fact, Obama has authorized John Kerry (of all people) to meet with the Syrian Government.

Congratulations to Prime Minister Netanyahu, and best of luck to you in looking after yourselves.

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