Posted by: chronicler55 | March 12, 2009

No Enemy could sink Four of our Aircraft Carriers, but Obama can…

The news filtered through the offices of major defense contractors, filling them with dread.  The Obama administration is seriously proposing the reduction of the United States Navy from twelve carrier groups down to eight. For those whose math skills are poor, this is the equivalent of sinking ONE THIRD of the United States Navy.

It is understandable that huge cuts in the military worry defense contractors. The contractors cannot stay in business with cuts in defense of this size. But as worried as the contractors are, the American public should should be equally disturbed. We spend less than 4% of GDP to protect the American homeland, her citizens, and all the rest of those things provided by the other 96% of GDP. If we don’t spend the money to protect what we have, our lives, our liberty, our property, all of these things will be taken away by someone who IS spending the money on their military (for instance China who is increasing their military strength.)

We occasionally forget that we have only those rights and those things which someone is willing to fight and kill or die in order to preserve for us.  Without a strong defense, (which is one of those things the Federal government is actually supposed to do!) we lose everything else.  It makes no sense whatsoever to provide education and housing money if invaders can come along and take it all.

Cutting the Navy by a third  is not only unwise, it is disasterous.  A patriot does NOT leave his country defenseless in the face of her enemies.  Not only has Obama never served in the military, it seems he intends to finance his utopian society by hacking away at defense.   He can use the money saved to buy free health care, education, and housing for all… until a stronger nation decides it wants what we own.

It is entirely reasonable to spend 4-5% of GDP to protect 95 %, our lives, our children and grandchildren, and our liberty.  Someone in military leadership must make a very persuasive argument in favor of defending the nation, and make it soon.


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