Posted by: chronicler55 | March 12, 2009

Obama has spent more of our money than any human being in history

Obama has spent more money than any human being in history, and he isn’t close to being finished.  As his chief-of-staff said, “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste.” Therefore, their administration is moving to extend government dramatically, while the people are too panic stricken to notice.

Note how every huge spending bill has to be passed REALLY VERY FAST or the world will end and the crisis will become “a catastrophe” to quote the “Dear Leader.” Don’t stop and think, don’t take time to READ the bill or the world will end. Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Obama signed the massive stimulus even though most of the 870 billion had nothing to do with stimulus. When Republicans in the House of Representatives unanimously opposed the bill (because it was a very badly written bill) he attacked Republicans for being partisan after he (get this) was trying to be bi-partisan! This after every single suggestion the Republicans put forward for the bill was rejected.

The Democrats have always defined bi-partisanship as the Democrat leadership saying “Jump!” and the minority Republicans asking, “How high?” They were very pleased with the state of affairs for 40 years before Newt Gingrich devised the Republican Revolution and actually fought them. The Republicans won the majority, and the Democrats started screaming, “Partisanship!” The airwaves were filled with Democrat advertisements about Gingrich and how “Divisive” he was. Why? Because he dared to oppose them. These positions would be laughable if the Democrat’s useful idiots in the mainstream media didn’t back them up, but they always do.

This bias is glaring in the stimulus debate, where the Republicans, having made many suggestions, put forward their own plan and were completely shut out by Nancy Pelosi and the leftists in the House. Therefore, the Republicans (understandably, I believe) voted against the bill. Howls ensued from the wounded Dems that the Republicans wouldn’t cooperate. Boo Hoo. Nevertheless, the main stream media pretends to take the Democrat leadership seriously, quoting Harry Reid spouting, “The Republicans just say, no, no, no. They have to be for something!”

Try putting forward a good bill and see what happens. I’m just saying….

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