Posted by: chronicler55 | March 13, 2009

Obama suggests that Military take their War Wounds to Private Insurance

 All Americans should have health care provided for them, according to Barack the Beneficent. That is, unless you have earned health care by protecting your country.  You were wounded protecting us? Take it to your private health care provider.

The Obama administration is considering a plan to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance, according to Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki who ought to know better. In fact he should have resigned his position before ever agreeing to put forward this outrageous proposal.

Obama the Beneficent is hell bent on giving away health care to millions of people who either aren’t working, have chosen not to pay for health care including some who aren’t even citizens, (you don’t get 47 million uninsured without counting about 20 million illegal aliens) but he is sure ready to take health care away from the military veterans who have earned the health care, and have been promised it.

This is the most backwards and immoral proposition I can imagine.   It is not only immoral, it is irrational.  Even the Democrats in Congress know this wrong and that is saying something.

The skewed sense of right and wrong coming from this administration is nothing short of frightening. Those people who paid their bills, paid their mortgage, lived within their means, and even those who put off buying a house and continued to rent because they knew that they could not afford one of those jumbo interest only loans,  now have to pay for the irresponsibility of those who took loans that they could not afford.

The irresponsible are rewarded, the responsible are punished.  Our military personnel who risk their lives and safety for us and are wounded  should lose government health care, but those who don’t work should be provided with it.  The small percentage of people who are paying the bulk of federal taxes are punished with higher taxes, while the people who have been paying no Federal tax get transfer payments.

The saying used to be “Crime doesn’t pay.”  Under this administration, being a responsible citizen doesn’t pay. The deadbeats are going to do just fine.

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