Posted by: chronicler55 | March 18, 2009

Nancy Pelosi says deporting illegal workers is “UnAmerican”



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, speaking to a church full of illegal and legal aliens in San Francisco, pandered that for the government to “raid” companies, arresting illegal aliens and deporting them was “unAmerican.”  She wants to stop the ICE “raids” which look for workers without citizenship or green cards and arrest them to begin deportation hearings.

Pelosi has very isidious reasons for doing this. She wants to keep illegal aliens in the country so that she can champion them, grant them amnesty, grant them medical care, grant them citizenship (or count them in the census as citizens and let them vote whether they are or not) thereby building the democrat party an unsurmountable voting block. All of whom will depend on Democrat largess for their livelihoods, insurance, and status.

Pelosi shows an absolute lack of care for American citizens who are without jobs and who could take the jobs currently being held by persons who have illegally entered the country. She also shows an absolute lack of concern for the rule of law, or the need for a controlled and stable border, or for the incredible cost to American citizens for health care and benefits for these people. None of those things holds a candle to her pursuit of power. (Note also the previous post on Acorn being tasked with staffing the census!!)

The unemployment rate in California is over 10%. If someone is going to be employed, should American citizens not have these available opportunities?  Is the concept of citizenship so unimportant to the Speaker that American citizen’s jobs and money should be taken to purchase the loyalty of an alien constituency for the Speaker?

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