Posted by: chronicler55 | March 18, 2009

Shep Smith Unloads on Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Congress

headshot_smith1 Shepherd Smith came onto Studio B at Fox News and unleashed a (well-deserved) diatribe against the hypocrisy of the House Committee grandstanding at the new head of AIG today.  (This new head of AIG did not cause this problem, having come on at government request 6 months ago to oversee AIG for $1 a year.) Shep correctly nailed Democrat Senator Chris Dodd of Conn. for having been the person who took out the provision (during a closed door, late night session) to stop the bonuses which was in the Stimulus Bill before he removed it. Said Smith, “Congress did not just permit this, Congress MADE this happen. And now they’re up there complaining about it.”

He correctly slammed Dodd, slammed Frank who was behind the ridiculous demand that banks loan to people who could not afford to pay the money back. Shep says, “They are trying to distract us from what is really going on, and we are NOT going to let that happen.” He then said that Frank resembled McCarthy up there demanding the names of the people who got the bonus money.

Good for Shep. He had me worried for awhile, as it seemed he was a bit smitten by Obama. That wore off, I guess, because he was on fire today.

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