Posted by: chronicler55 | March 23, 2009

Having insulted the PM of Britain, Obama snubs the President of France

I have felt for the last year or so as if I were living in the Twilight Zone (the Science Fiction show, not the new Vampire cult Twilight) when watching political news.  Eight years after a devastating attack on the American homeland, with a war on terror active on two fronts, banks collapsing, and chaos on the Southern border, the American people decided to elect someone with…NO EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE. OK, that is odd.

Also odd? That this supposedly polished, Harvard educated, eloquently speaking paragon is going out of his way to insult allies of long standing. The Prime Minister of Great Britain was given the shaft when he came here on his first state visit. Now, the President of France, Nicholas Sarkozy has taken understandable umbrage.

Obama wrote to Jaques Chirac (the FORMER French President and the one who went out of his way to make America’s dealings with the U.N. way more difficult) and told him that he was sure they could work together for PEACE in the future.  However much these two might have in common (an unreasoning hatred of George Bush and the War in Iraq) Chirac is NOT THE PRESIDENT OF FRANCE.

Sarkozy, who recently warned the United States about setting our taxes too high, and is busily trying to repair the Socialist damage to France of the last several decades.  He is more pro-U.S., more pro-free trade, and is even moving France back into NATO. 

No wonder Obama doesn’t like him.

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