Posted by: chronicler55 | March 29, 2009

Terrorists on Welfare–another wacky idea from the Leftists in the White House

The Obama administration has decreed the closing of GITMO within the year, however they still have no idea what to do with the terrorists who are being held there. Their latest idea, bring them to the United States, and those who are released within the United States itself… well they will need monetary help to being new lives here.

WHAT? Not only are they talking about giving the same rights as United States citizens have within the U.S. legal system (I am sure some terrorists will have to be let go, because the infantryman didn’t read the terrorist his rights when he captured him) but they want to give these criminals money. Not only will these extremely dangerous, radicalized terrorists be let loose on American soil, but the United States tax payers will be paying to set them up in a new comfortable life. Here….with us.

Now– this is just insane. According to Obama we should subsidize the murderers of our children. After all, he has Secret Service protection for his kids.


  1. Hey Obama when you let these terrorists out of Gitma let them live next door to you and your kids. I don’t want the M.F.’S living by me. Again I have to say it, you are an idiot.

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