Posted by: chronicler55 | March 31, 2009

Sarkozy makes unfortunate racial remark

Sarkozy, annoyed that the United States and Great Britain have not agreed to appoint a Global Monetary Regualtor, blamed the “Anglo Saxons” for the world wide economic crisis.  This comment probably plays well to his Gallic constituents, but is profoundly ridiculous and firmly knocked him off the mini-pedestal I had placed him on.

The United States and Great Britain and Germany are responsible for the crisis? Why? Because these nations have the biggest economies? 

Sarkozy has now put himself on a par with the crackpot who said that white people with blue eyes were responsible for the markets imploding.  Perhaps people with blue eyes are responsible for the markets? Or do brown eyed people also invest?  Does Madoff have blue eyes? Does anyone know?

As a blue-eyed person not responsible for the lack of responsibility shown by a host of persons whom I am expected to bail out, count me disgusted.

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