Posted by: chronicler55 | April 2, 2009

The Soros Doctrine from American Thinker

Brilliant devistating article about how Obama is modelling his foreign policy on the precepts of

an aged, amoral currency manipulator put in play by a neophyte politician with a staff-scripted teleprompter glued to each hip.

Kyle-Ann Shrivers take on the Soros Doctrine


…conclude that President Obama, his entire Administration, the Democratic Congress and their favorite benefactor, George Soros, have an evolved form of slavery in mind.  It’s a type of slavery whereby the productive class is held shackled to the political class’s outlandish worldview that there isn’t a single problem under the sun, which cannot be swiftly solved with our money, produced by the sweat of our collective brow.  They consider our wages and the wages of our children and grandchildren to be their own property, to be squandered in whatever manner they see fit.

And I believe this has a name, even though we modern folks have long forgotten not only its name, but the centuries of toil and buckets of blood that went into dismantling the system than enthroned it.  It’s called, I believe, serfdom.

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