Posted by: chronicler55 | April 10, 2009

Obama DID BOW to Saudi King according to Arab Press and has disgraced the United States

Obama bowing to Saudi King

Obama bowing to Saudi King

Obama’s incredibly inept Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, denied that Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. Not only that, he sarcastically said, “I’m sure that is real important to people who are struggling with this economy.”  So…Americans who are having a hard time in the economy don’t mind if our commander-in-chief shows subservience to a foreign king? I beg to differ with him. So then, it wasn’t a bow, Obama usually bends over from the waist and sticks out his behind when shaking hands with folks. Only the Queen of England didn’t get that treatment, so what was the difference between the Saudi King and British Queen?

Religion… according to Heraldo Rivera who actually defended this reprehensibe exhibit of servility.

Heraldo Rivera pointed out during an appearance on Fox News today that Obama simply was trained to honor King Abdullah not just because he was a King, but because he was the Head of the Muslim faith (like the Pope, said Heraldo) and so, Obama honored him and it was no big deal. Of course Obama’s propagandists insisted all of the last three years that he was not a Muslim, but of course he was raised as one.

 No United States President bows to any foreign Head of State, or Head of a religion for that matter. Just as the American flag is never lowered when passing a visiting Head of State whether Royal or not.  The Arab Press cheered and widly circulated this demonstration of the American Head of State humbling himself before the King whose subjects murdered 3,000 Americans in 2001. 

If Obama wanted to grovel before Muslim leaders, he shouldn’t have run for President. Now that he is President of the United States, his disgraceful behavior humiliates all of us. He should apologize immediately to the people of the United States for embarrassing all of us by his inexcusable error.

The Democrats are falling all over themselves showing Bush being kissed by Arabs, and holding hands with the Prince (which is also off-putting, no question) but it is not a demonstration of fealty, only of affection.  There is an extremely huge difference between one and the other.

One hopes if Obama does something like that again, a patriotic secret service office will apply a boot to the area being incorrectly displayed.



  1. Of course he bowed…there was no “midget” he shook hands with.

  2. I think the whole thing has been blown completely out of proportion and I think you are doing the American people a dis-service by saying he is “subservient” to anyone.

    I believe this to have been a show of respect gone over-board. I think your point is valid that our presidents should not do that, however, we all make mistakes..he is a new president and he is trying to get things right the first time given all of the bad relationships we have around the world.

    So take a chill-pill and get on to the agenda’s that actually make a difference in this country. thanks.

    • I note the website you list is I don’t want a socialist society, so keep the socialist change. Socialism doesn’t work, never has, never will.

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