Posted by: chronicler55 | April 25, 2009

100 Days, 100 Mistakes

New York Post writes of the first 100 days of the Obama administration. One hundred days, one hundred mistakes.



Included among them were several 21 of my favorites:

He signed a spending bill that contains nearly 9,000 earmarks after campaigning against earmarks

This year’s budget deficit: $1.5 trillion– he outspent Washington-Bush in 3 months

Mr. Obama…is becoming known in America as the ‘teleprompt president’ over his reliance on the machine when he gives a speech.” — Sky News, 3/18

The 2010 census was moved out of the Department of Commerce and into the White House, politicizing how federal aid is distributed and electoral districts are drawn. (And violating the Constitution)

 Obama and Hugo Chavez shaking hands– “Socialism is expanding to North America,” says Chavez gleefully.

Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega went on a 50-minute anti-American rant, calling Obama “president of an empire.” Obama didn’t leave the room.

Appointing Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security.

Department of Homeland Security intelligence report that lists veterans as possible right wing terrorist recruits, and conservatives as possible terrorists.

 The Obama administration’s release of CIA memos endangers the national security of the United States.(according to Rasmussen  58% of Americans believe this.)

 Caving in to Soros and over investigating how the Bush administration treated terrorism suspects (A caterpillar!)

“Obama thanked CIA employees for their work and said they’re invaluable to national security. He explained his decision to release the memos, then told everyone not to feel bad because he was now acknowledging potential mistakes. Theirs, not his. ‘That’s how we learn,’ Obama said, as though soothing a room full of fourth-graders.” — The Oklahoman, 4/23

By releasing the torture memos, Obama opened American citizens up to international tribunals. A UN lawyer said the US is obliged to prosecute lawyers who drafted the memos or else violate the Geneva Conventions.

 In their first meeting, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown gave Obama a carved ornamental penholder from the timbers of the anti-slavery ship HMS Gannet. Obama gave him 25 DVDs that don’t work in Europe.

Repeated picking cabinet choices who don’t pay their taxes (accounts for about 5 mistakes) Daschle, Geitner, Sebelius and others

Going on the Tonight Show and saying “I’ve been practicing bowling. I bowled a 129. It was like the Special Olympics or something.” — Obama on “The Tonight Show”

In a letter to Dmitri Medvedev, Obama offered to drop plans for a missile shield in Europe in exchange for Russia’s help in resolving the nuclear weapons issue in Iran.

Obama bows to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at a G-20 meeting in London.

Three candidates for ambassador to the Vatican — including Caroline Kennedy — were turned down by the Holy See because they supported abortion, according to reports. (Is that one or three)?

Hypocrisy! After saying he wouldn’t have lobbyists in his administration, Obama made 17 exceptions in the first two weeks in office.

Threatening to fire anyone the administration doesn’t like from any company, and firing the CEO of GM.

Allowing the Sec. of State and others to keep saying “More than 90% of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States,” when it is absolutely false.

Guns from America are traceable. Therefore 90% of the guns they can trace come from here. The vast majority of guns recovered are NOT traceable. And not from the United States. The article also includes quotes from several interesting people, Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Kyle Smith, Ralph Peters, and others.



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