Posted by: chronicler55 | April 27, 2009

Thousands of American service members have been “tortured” during training! File lawsuits at once!

According to the Obama Administration, those actions which have been  used against our own service members, those actions which the military had believed for years were “harsh interrogation  techniques” were in fact “torture.” At least they are called torture when done to terrorist prisoners. (I didn’t hear anyone on the left complaining when it was being done to OUR guys, of course they are just Americans, not the poor Islamic jihadists the lefties are so fond of.)

It is obvious that the Bush legal advisors, very carefully discussed techniques with these trainers, and devised a manner of interrogation which couldn’t be torture because we did them to our own.  This approach would have made sense to me.

Enter the cream puffs on the left, who don’t want to inconvenience the terrorists, because someone overseas might think badly of us. (That and twelve aircraft carriers might enforce their point of view…excuse me, ten. Obama is dumping a sixth of the fleet.) However, now enhanced interrogation has been called torture, so all of our troops who have undergone this training MUST have a claim against the government for having subjected them to “torture” during their training. That has to be wrong, right?

I think perhaps a class action lawsuit on behalf of all of the tortured servicemembers might be just the thing to bring some clarity to this situation.

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