Posted by: chronicler55 | April 29, 2009

Fred Thompson on liberals and the “dogs of war”

NewsMax did an interview with Fred Thompon, the former Senator from Tennessee and Republican Presidential Candidate, former star of Law and Order, and current radio host on Westward One.

Senator Thompson was furious over the decisions the Obama administration made in the past week: to release techniques and methods of interrogation, to release pictures of the military handling prisoners, and in caving in on investigations of the former administration.

Some of Thompson’s interview:

In one stroke of a pen he declassified top-secret documents that people would otherwise go to jail for releasing. It gave al-Qaida and the Taliban a blueprint as to the outer limits of our interrogation techniques. …

“So now we’re really talking about a war crimes tribunal, which this country has never done. We’ve never brought to criminal court prior administrations in this country.

“Harry Truman could have been accused of war crimes, I suppose, for dropping the bombs. President Obama authorized the killing of those three [pirates] in the Indian Ocean not too long ago. Prosecuting these people under these circumstances is something you hear about in banana republics and third-world countries, not the United States of America.The president’s opened up a terrible Pandora’s Box and there’s going to be a price to pay before this thing is ended.And then after promising that there would be no prosecutions, [Obama] acquiesced and now opened the door for that. So I think it’s a case of naivete, ineptitude and unbelievable arrogance and lack of experience.
“We elected someone who didn’t have two minutes’ worth of experience with regard to matters concerning national security. Now he’s cast in this position and he’s making decisions that are going to have far-reaching ramifications not only abroad, and not only with our enemies, but in dividing our country even further here at home in ways I don’t think we’ve ever been divided before.
“We’re going to have members of Congress testifying against each other if they go down this road.”
Martella noted that Rep. Peter King of New York has said that if Democrats do go ahead and attempt to prosecute Bush administration CIA interrogation lawyers, the Republicans should “go to war” with them.

“That just gives you an example of the atmosphere on Capitol Hill today,” Thompson observed. People are angry. People are upset. You’ve got people on the left, you’ve got the Democrats talking about truth commissions, talking about investigations and Congressional hearings and urging prosecution.”

Some of these Democrats are “the same people who were briefed on these techniques back in 2002,” Thompson said, “including Nancy Pelosi, who’s not telling the truth now, who’s trying to parse words and trying to get around the fact that she knew what was going on, as others did back when this happened.

“That creates a new level of animosity like I’ve never seen before, and I served in the Senate for eight years. The dogs of war have been loosed in this country and I don’t know what is going to happen before we see the end of it. But none of it’s going to be good.”


 Finally, some plain down home honesty. I have always liked Fred Thompson.



  1. Mr. Thompson’s comments are a great example of something that sounds good ideologically, but make a lot less sense when more closely examined.

    Truman and the atomic bombs, and Obama and the Somali pirates, are two cases where we needed to combat an active, dangerous enemy.

    Enhanced interrogation techniques, by contrast, are applied after a person is in custody — no longer a direct danger to anyone.

    Better analogies would be prisoners of war and former combatants after a war has ended. We have never inflicted torture on such individuals, even though they may certainly have had information capable of increasing our safety.

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