Posted by: chronicler55 | May 9, 2009

Bogus Ethics Complaints Against Sarah Palin Dismissed

The Anchorage Daily News


Gov. Sarah Palin won dismissal Friday of two separate complaints alleging she broke ethics and election law.

The Alaska Public Offices Commission rejected a claim that the governor violated election law last summer by taking a public position on a controversial ballot initiative on mining pollution.

At almost the same time, an attorney hired by the state personnel board dismissed an ethics complaint claiming Palin’s role in the political action committee SarahPAC poses a conflict with her official duties as governor.

Palin said the decisions affirmed her constitutional right to free speech.

Palin continues to be plagued by liberals filing bogus ethics violations against her in order to run up her personal legal bills. The state does not pay for representation for the governor for these complaints. These complaints were for things like, leaving the state to give a speech, and taking a position on a question before the voters. Ridiculous. There must be consequences for these people filing ethics complaints simply to try and destroy a conservative because they don’t want to have to face her later.

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