Posted by: chronicler55 | May 16, 2009

Obama Three Right Turns this week

Obama  has made 3 right turns this week causing me to agree with him, which gives me pause.  It is Obama who has turned to the right, however and was not due to my changing my opinions.

1. Having first maintained that the U.S. should reveal pictures which supposedly showed Americans “abusing” prisoners due to a demand for information lawsuit by the ACLU, Obama changed his mind and is refusing to release the pictures. I presume that he listened to the concern within the Pentagon that releasing those pictures would put servicemembers lives in danger.  This change of mind was a good one.

2.  Military Tribunals were demagogued as terrible and wicked under George W. Bush, and were halted by the new administration. After review, military tribunals have been reinstated by Obama.  They were reportedly “changed”.  Nevertheless, they are military tribunals, because once in office Obama has realized that they are absolutely necessary. This change of mind was a good one.

3. Obama has just chosen a popular Republican governor as ambassador to China. I think this is a good choice for the ambassadorship due to the fact that Huntsman speaks Chinese and has adopted a Chinese child, and has an appreciation for the culture.  At the moment, I am unclear as to why a sitting governor would step down to take the ambassadorship, or why Obama would choose a Republican for the post.  Huntsman is well qualified for the post, (although Obama’s choosing him will make me take a deeper look.)

So, shockingly, I find myself in agreement with the President three times this week.  I won’t hold my breath for it to happen again.



  1. Huntsman is considered an upcoming GOP leader and could be threat in 2012. Obama’s appointment gets him out of America and links him with an enemy nations.

    Now, why Huntsman would take the post is rather a mystery – unless he has no intention of serving his nation by opposing Obama in 2012.

  2. This post has been linked for the HOT5 Daily 5/17/2009, at The Unreligious Right

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