Posted by: chronicler55 | May 27, 2009

Dennis Miller parodies Sotomayor’s “Latina Woman” Comment

Dennis Miller, who appears on Bill O’Reilly once a week, began his segment by doing his “Latina Woman” impression. He looked like he was doing a Carmen Miranda immitation.

Miller was of course referring to Sotomayor’s preposterous comment that “As a Latina woman with her rich heritage, she would make better decisions than white men who did not have her experience.” 

Can you imagine what would happen if a white person of either gender made a comment such as this? There would be no chance for them ever being nominated for the Supreme Court, that’s for sure.


  1. Hi! Congrats for your post!
    You know, Carmen Miranda’s musics are forever and definitely make a stand in a very important part of the World’s history – the second World War
    This great diva will always remain in our hearts; she’ll always be remembered as “a Pequena Notável” with her beautiful and lovely smile.
    Here in Portugal we also have a Carmen Miranda Museum that is very worthwhile to visit: it has some interesting items!
    As a Painter and Plastic Artist I could not standby upon her 100th birthday celebration, even more, because she was born in a town near mine. So I decided to pay her a tribute by doing an exhibition.
    You can check my blog for more information regarding my tribute to Carmen Miranda. I hope you enjoy it!
    Gabriela Marques da Costa

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