Posted by: chronicler55 | May 31, 2009

Late term Abortionist killed in his Kansas Church

Breaking News about the shooting of Dr. George Tiller (known as the baby killer for his willingness to perform late-term abortions for 5 K). A man-hunt is underway for a white male in his 50s or 60s who got into a blue  Ford Taurus and drove away from the Reformation Lutheran Church in Witchita following the shooting.

Tiller had just been on trial with regard to his late term abortions because he employed a person to give what was legally supposed to be an independent second opinion on whether the late term (meaning the baby was viable if it were completely delivered) abortion was medically “necessary”.  The jury found him not guilty of the charges.  He could have received 30 years in prison.

Tiller was a generous contributor to Kathleen Sebelius, the former governor of Kansas and recently sworn in Health and Human Services Director. Tiller had been previously shot and wounded in both arms by an assailant in 1993.  It is still unknown whether this shooter had a personal grudge against Tiller, or whether the motivation for the shooting was abortion related, or both.

The fact that Dr. Tiller was supposedly a practicing member of this Lutheran Church is troubling to me (who was also raised in the Lutheran church).  Reviewing the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s position on abortion, I find the following:

Although abortion raises significant moral issues at any stage of fetal development, the closer the life in the womb comes to full term the more serious such issues become.[F] When a child can survive outside a womb, it becomes possible for other people, and not only the mother, to nourish and care for the child. This church opposes ending intrauterine life when a fetus is developed enough to live outside a uterus with the aid of reasonable and necessary technology. If a pregnancy needs to be interrupted after this point, every reasonable and necessary effort should be made to support this life, unless there are lethal fetal abnormalities indicating that the prospective newborn will die very soon.



It has been reported that Tiller was acting as an usher in his church, and his wife was in the choir when the shooting happened. No word on whether the killer was a member of the church or a stranger. More on this topic as facts develop.

Abortion Doctor George Tiller Gunned down at church


Last minute word:

The alleged killer has been arrested. Still no word on the identity of the shooter.


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