Posted by: chronicler55 | June 18, 2009

Iran on the Brink of a New Revolution? Hundreds of thousands march

Days of massive street protests continue in Iran, after nearly a week since an Iranian Presidential election.  Protesters have been shot in the street, and yet hundreds of thousands continue to take to the streets in protest of a bogus election result.  Many of the protesters in the streets are women, who seem to finally have had enough of their misogynistic government.

The upheaval started with a presidential election between two men, both of whom were dictated to by the Ayatollahs. As Dennis Miller quipped, “The moderates in Iran are those who want to cut off your less dominant hand.” The current president/dictator, Achmadinijad was the announced winner by a landslide. These results occurred even in the hometown of the challenger. The results were so obviously skewed that Iranians took to the street by the thousands carrying the green banners of the challenger, Mousavi. (Mousavi was the head of the government during the period of time when Iran and Iraq were at war.)

Now, however, the banners being held by the people of Iran have switched from Farsi to English, as the Iranian people seek to communicate with Americans and Europeans. This communication itself is an important fact.  The people challenging the regime are telling America that they want rid of their government. The regime has tried to cut off internet communication, such as Facebook and Twitter, and silence foreign journalists. 

These protests have been banned and yet the crowds are growing. The religious leaders– the Guardian Council and the Supreme Leader (how is that for scary) are asking for a meeting with both contenders.  The big question is whether the people want rid of just Achmadinijad, or whether they also are sick of the theocracy. Women, in particular, have good reason to want a dramatic change, and some women are leading opposition rallies.


  1. Iran seems to be already won:

    Excellent news.

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