Posted by: chronicler55 | June 22, 2009

Poetry vs. History: The Arc of the Universe

Barack Obama, in trying to walk a fine line regarding the protests in Iran, quoted Martin Luther King, Jr.’s elegant line, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it tends towards justice.”

This is a very poetic statement, and probably gave certain commentators tingles up their legs, but don’t believe it.  Cosmically speaking, the arc of the universe tends toward the collision of galaxies. Historically, if this statement were true we would not have had the Holocaust, the Cultural Revolution in China, and Stalin’s purges all occurring in the 20thcentury, ages of progress from Attilla.

The moral universe will arc towards those with the most advanced weaponry and strongest defenses.  History is written by the victors. This is not poetic, I admit.  But had the United States stood by during the Second World War, and only made speeches about our moral superiority, we would not have been victorious.  It was the astonishing arsenal we produced  which won the war and saved our way of life.

U. S. arms production –noted by

The navy had fewer than 5,000 vessels prior to the bombing at Pearl Harbor. By 1945, they had over 90,000. In addition, over 80,000 tanks and nearly 300,000 aircraft were produced during the war years. Millions of machine guns and rifles and billions of ammunition cartridges rolled off American production lines.

I do not sell short the heroism of American troops and leadership of American Generals and Admirals in the conflict.  Yet our Civil War shows that with American bravery on both sides, the greater general had to give way before new armaments, bullets, and supply lines.  Lincoln’s speeches minus the new repeating rifles would not have saved the Union.

Now, Barack Obamais a spiffy speaker. It is understandable that he would quote the poetic phraseology of Martin Luther King, Jr.   If, however, he believes it, America has a serious problem. I love poetry, but it’s no way to protect a nation.

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