Posted by: chronicler55 | June 24, 2009

A Smattering of Comments about Sanford

Real clear politics


Wow. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s press conference wasn’t like watching a car wreck, it actually was a car wreck – and an end-over-end NASCAR flame out at that…

He is done in national politics. Not simply because of the affair, mind you, but because of the way he disappeared without warning, misled his staff, and ultimately violated the public trust….Except perhaps the age old lesson which never seems to get learned despite all of the spectacular self-immolations we’ve seen over the past few years from Clinton to Vitter to Edwards to Ensign:  if you want to get into politics at the national level and stay in politics, keep the zipper closed.

And Michelle Malkin


It’s the only fitting word for a man who abandons his wife and four sons on Father’s Day weekend to indulge his “overdrive” on an Argentinian fling…

Mark Sanford: Bastard.

If you can’t honor your marriage vows, how can you expect voters to trust you to honor your damned oath of office?

Sanford has stepped down from his Chairmanship of the Republican Governor’s Association.  No word yet on whether he will resign from the Governorship.

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