Posted by: chronicler55 | June 24, 2009

Sanford admits affair with Argentinian woman

The very strange disappearing act was explained today by Governor Sanford who flew back from visiting his mistress in Argentina in time to hold a press conference apologizing to everybody. He spoke of his wife who  had campaigned beside him for twenty years and managed his campaign in some instances. He talked about his four sons whom he said he had let down (and left alone for Father’s Day, but I’m just saying…) and his friends.

 Then of course there are the people of South Carolina who were left for six days with NO ONE in charge of the State, because Sanford told no one, including the Lieutenant Governor where he was, or what he was doing.

All I can say is that I am grateful that we discovered the truth about the Governor before anyone was caught up supporting him for higher office, and then looking as ridiculous as John Edwards supporters did once the story broke.

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