Posted by: chronicler55 | July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin to step down as Governor of Alaska

Sarah PalinTo the shock and surprise of everyone outside her family circle, Sarah Palin announced today that she will be stepping down as Governor of Alaska on July 26.  It was widely rumored that she would not run for a second term in 2010 and concentrate (perhaps) on running for national office.  Yet today when she announced that she wouldn’t run again, she also said that she would be stepping down so that there was no “lame duck” period in Alaska’s government.

She has gone through 15 ethics complaints. Most extremely trivial (such as having worn a jacket with a logo on it). All the ethics complaints have been dismissed.  She was looking at 500K in legal fees because of the continual harassment of partisan democrats who brought these complaints.

Whether Sarah has been exhausted by the continual ethics complaints and political fighting in Alaska, or whether she has decided to take time to do a lower 48 state tour in preparation for a Presidential run remains to be seen.

A new Sarahism from today’s speech, “Only dead fish go with the flow.”

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