Posted by: chronicler55 | July 7, 2009

Reprehensible theft of Senate seat give Dems supermajority

I have had to wait a few days after the shocking miscarriage of justice which has allowed an oafish boor like Al Franken entry into the United States Senate.  Such was my disgust at this bottom feeder successfully stealing a Senate seat, and making himself the most outrageous choice for a Senator since Caligula appointed a horse, I needed to calm down lest I write something negative…

Franken lost a close election in Minnesota, and then went running to liberal moneybags, America hating George Soros for the funds to steal the election.  And after 8 months of finding votes in car trunks (and counting them!!) and finding votes from dead and ficticious people (and counting them) low and behold, Franken ended up a few hundred votes ahead.

Norm Coleman, unfortunately, conceded after the Supreme Court of Minnesota accepted the argument that different precincts in Minnesota could count ballots using different standards of acceptability, and presumably couldn’t care less about the bogus votes.  I had hoped that Coleman would take the matter to Federal Court, where surely it would be obvious that precinct A should use the same standard of acceptable votes as Precinct B, for example, hanging chads, if counted in A would also be counted in B. Except in Minnesota.

I had also hope that the governor would refuse to certify the theft of the election. For whatever reason, the republican governor went ahead and certified Franken as a senator.  Pawlenty was a disappointment in this instance, since he could have refused. Paolenty should not expect a primary vote from me– I found him weak in fighting for principle.


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